Cross Country HDI installs underground utilities by the following methods.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Cross Country is capable of installing lengths up to 3,000 feet and 30" in diameter. Cross Country also has drill rigs for small diameter pipelines and service work.

Pipe Reaming

HDD California Middle of Road

A trenchless method for the removal of existing VCP & PVC pipe and simultaneous replacement with an HDPE or PVC pipe of equal or larger diameter.

Removal of the in-place pipe is accomplished by “back reaming” using a directional drilling machine with a cutter head that reduces the existing pipe to small pieces which are carried along with other excess particles by the drilling fluid to an extraction point.

This method is used in place of pipe-bursting. It does not compress the soild and can be used for greater up-sizing.

HDD California Cross Section

Pipe Ramming

A method for installation of steel pipes and casings over distances usually up to 150 ft up long and up to 55-inches in diameter, although the method can be used for much longer and larger installations. The method is the most useful for shallow installations under railways and roads, where other trenchless methods could cause surface settlement or heave. The majority of installations are horizontal, although the method can be applied for vertical installations as well.

HDD California Under Road


Cross Country offers a variety of services in the directional drilling and Telecommunications Construction field. We maintain several Telecom crews to work in conjunction with our bore crews in an effort to offer Turn Key services in the Telecom and Cable Television field. We pride ourselves on maintaining good lines of communication with all parties involved in a project as well as meeting the ever important deadlines of the customer.

We are experienced in all aspects of Telephone, Cable TV, Joint Trench, and Electrical conduit structure installation. Our years of experience in these fields as well as our knowledgeable management staff allow the project to run smoothly from start to finish.